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Weekly Reflection (Wk3-L3)

This week we learned about broker, manufacture, and wholesale distributors, affiliates, and drop shipping. I think this helped me understand the difference between the three distributors more. I also didn’t know a lot or anything about drop shipping so that... Continue Reading →


Weekly Reflection (Wk2-L2)

This week in class we have learned about business models and demand and competition. Before this, I had never looked at business models. I knew they existed, but I had no idea how any of them worked. I thought it... Continue Reading →

Debate – Are Facebook and Instagram Good or Bad?

Outline (for Good) Opening Statement - Victoria As of September 2017, there are 800 million active monthly users on Instagram and 2.07 billion active monthly users on Facebook. Despite the numbers of people using these sites, there are many who... Continue Reading →


Be Happy – Stand Alone Message Stand Alone Outline “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone “To find real happiness, we must seek for... Continue Reading →


Familiar to Strange

  Outline Imagine walking through a crowd Hot movement Not a lot of room to move directions You see some dressed up, some not Sometimes it can smell sweat Loud Talking, cheering, music Pressure to walk fast not be in... Continue Reading →


Let Your Interests Be Your Guide

Outline Introduction Hobbies? Changed? Major? PSAT Story: Intended college major Sixth semester Idea was terrifying Found Communications Why your major? Experience taught me something Your interests whether they have to do with your major or not can be turned into... Continue Reading →


Photobook Portfolio

I have learned a lot in Digital Imaging this semester. I had a lot of worries going into this class. I had never used this sort of camera before and I felt like I wasn’t a skilled photographer because I... Continue Reading →


Conceptual Challenge

My three words for my conceptual photo were noun: bricks, adjective: tattered, and verb: race. I thought the words bricks and tattered were cool, but race through me off. There’s a lot of motion in the word race and I... Continue Reading →


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