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Portraits – Bannack Best

Portraits have not been my strong suit, but during the expedition to Bannack Ghost Town, I enjoyed taking photos of people. I learned a lot and after some time, I could be more creative in my ideas and felt more... Continue Reading →

Close Ups

I think this was my favorite project this semester. I love that you can see one object in so many ways. I got to go home this weekend so even though it was rainy and darker outside, it was well... Continue Reading →

Portraits & Enhancements

I’ve never been very comfortable with portraits and this assignment was one I did not look forward to. Unfortunately and I’ll be honest, I think it came across in my pictures. I am lucky enough to have a good network... Continue Reading →

Reflector Activity

For this activity, I practiced with the gold, silver, and white reflectors. With the day being so bright, we opened the blinds and I had my roommate sit on the couch across from the window. Because we didn't have anyone... Continue Reading →

Perspective of 12

One of my first ideas for this assignment was to take pictures of a piano. I love close up images of the keys and I felt like there are natural leading lines on a piano. I wanted a grand or... Continue Reading →

Depth – Deep & Shallow

Starting this project, I thought finding pictures for shallow depth would be difficult and the deeper depth less so. It turned out to be the opposite. It was much easier for me to blur backgrounds and bring more focus to... Continue Reading →

Motion – Freeze & Blur

As I brainstormed for ideas on what to do for pictures of motion, I came up with spinning coins and snow angels. When I went outside, it just happened to be snowing so I took some shots to see if... Continue Reading →

Photobook Design

Here is my design layout for my photo book project! I like simple layouts where the photos fit nicely together and I decided with this layout, I wanted margins between them. I knew if I filled the page with photos... Continue Reading →

Past Photos

Hello! My name is Victoria Coniglio! I am from the Boise, Idaho area, but I also lived in northern Virginia for 5 years. I’ve been to D.C and so many places out there and I loved it! Unfortunately, I didn’t... Continue Reading →

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