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These are the 5 pictures I consider to be my best this semester.


Photobook – Cover, Contents, & Professional Page

To create a photobook in Adobe InDesign, I started by making a cover page, table of contents, and professional page. On these pages, I wanted something clean and simple. As I continue to work on this, I may add a... Continue Reading →

Elements of Architecture – Themed Series, Bannack Ghost Town

When the class went up to Bannack, I thought my series was going to be very different. I planned on finding metal and appliances to take pictures of, however as I went around, I found that I kept being drawn... Continue Reading →

Creative – Bannack Best

Levitation                             Ghost         Abstract This is actually a door frame in the hotel! This is one of many I took. I just thought... Continue Reading →

Fine Art – Bannack Best

Here are some shots I got around Bannack Ghost Town in Montana.

Portraits – Bannack Best

Portraits have not been my strong suit, but during the expedition to Bannack Ghost Town, I enjoyed taking photos of people. I learned a lot and after some time, I could be more creative in my ideas and felt more... Continue Reading →

Close Ups

I think this was my favorite project this semester. I love that you can see one object in so many ways. I got to go home this weekend so even though it was rainy and darker outside, it was well... Continue Reading →

Portraits & Enhancements

I’ve never been very comfortable with portraits and this assignment was one I did not look forward to. Unfortunately and I’ll be honest, I think it came across in my pictures. I am lucky enough to have a good network... Continue Reading →

Reflector Activity

For this activity, I practiced with the gold, silver, and white reflectors. With the day being so bright, we opened the blinds and I had my roommate sit on the couch across from the window. Because we didn't have anyone... Continue Reading →

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