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I have learned a lot in Digital Imaging this semester. I had a lot of worries going into this class. I had never used this sort of camera before and I felt like I wasn’t a skilled photographer because I... Continue Reading →


Conceptual Challenge

My three words for my conceptual photo were noun: bricks, adjective: tattered, and verb: race. I thought the words bricks and tattered were cool, but race through me off. There’s a lot of motion in the word race and I... Continue Reading →

Fine Art Print

                                                  Taking this picture, I really liked the shadows, but was afraid that I wouldn’t be... Continue Reading →

Other Photos

I have a lot of photos from this semester, but here are a few that will be in my photobook.

Top 5 Images

These are the 5 pictures I consider to be my best this semester.

Photobook – Cover, Contents, & Professional Page

To create a photobook in Adobe InDesign, I started by making a cover page, table of contents, and professional page. On these pages, I wanted something clean and simple. As I continue to work on this, I may add a... Continue Reading →

Elements of Architecture – Themed Series, Bannack Ghost Town

When the class went up to Bannack, I thought my series was going to be very different. I planned on finding metal and appliances to take pictures of, however as I went around, I found that I kept being drawn... Continue Reading →

Creative – Bannack Best

Levitation                             Ghost         Abstract This is actually a door frame in the hotel! This is one of many I took. I just thought... Continue Reading →

Fine Art – Bannack Best

Here are some shots I got around Bannack Ghost Town in Montana.

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