Project: Self-branding Logo


For this project, I needed to create a logo for my personal portfolio. It needed to mean something to me and be something that represented who I was as a designer.


I started by making a word web and trying to describe who I was. From there I created these sketches.

Some words that described my brand from my word web were organized, clean, and bold. I wanted to keep things simple and organized so I stayed with geometric shapes. Eventually, I chose the circles because they were more fun and interesting than squares or some of my other designs. I also received feedback from roommates before I started on my designs in Illustrator.

I chose from my top designs and played around with my colors for my logo draft. I chose red, black, and white for the colors because I feel like they are a classic and bold color combination and that’s how I think of myself as a designer as well. Red is also my favorite color so I have more connection with it personally.

Here is my first draft. After receiving some feedback on the class Facebook page, I decided to play around with the color placement some more and limit myself to two of the three colors. I got some more feedback from a roommate and continued to narrow down what design I actually liked. I then added my brand title. After adding that, I knew I liked this design best.

After some more feedback in the class, I decided to incorporate the title and logo more. I got rid of the “Design” and red line, and made the “V” larger and part of the title.

Logo Draft 2-01

After I posted this draft on Facebook, I got some feedback that the design seemed disconnected and circles didn’t really tie in. I worked on changing the size of the circles and then decided to try something subtle by making 2 of the dots on the “I”s red, tying it to the red circle.

Logo Draft 3-11

Here is my final product.


Because my design was simple, I feel like I didn’t have too many problems as far as creating the logo. However, I did have trouble working with my color scheme, especially when I wanted to use white because I needed to use a stroke which I didn’t want to do for a logo. I also didn’t want the red to be overwhelming. Narrowing it down to only black and red helped a lot. Also when I decided to make the logo and title one, I had trouble finding a way to make it less disconnected.

Below is the logo with a black background.

Logo Draft 3-12