My three words for my conceptual photo were noun: bricks, adjective: tattered, and verb: race. I thought the words bricks and tattered were cool, but race through me off. There’s a lot of motion in the word race and I wasn’t sure how to portray that with something solid like bricks. I talked to a few different people and searched for ideas on the internet. Both helped a lot.

From there I decided I wanted something coming through a brick wall or a brick wall in the background. I also determined that “tattered” could mean a lot of things: torn, used, or grunge. I also wanted to use a visual that depicted racing rather than showing freeze or blurred motion. I liked the idea of using cars or a checkered flag. I added the words “cars” and “street”.

Here are my sketches. I liked having the cars come through the bricks and looking like a street race. I also felt like I had a better plan to execute this photo because I knew where to find a brick wall and empty road. For the cars, I just went to the Dollar Store and bought some children’s race cars.

I was easily able to take photos of the bricks and street, but then I had to take photos of the cars. Honestly, there was no way they were going to look real, but I still wanted them to look like they were racing. Below are the photos I was able to work with.

I mostly used a lot of masking, opacity, and light adjustments in Photoshop for this image. I also used the following image from to create a tattered look on the bricks.

Here is my final image!