Taking this picture, I really liked the shadows, but was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to edit it in a way that would work for the large print. This was mostly because of cropping and editing the background. However, I found out I could do a lot.

The reason I chose this photo was actually because my roommate wanted me to print it, sign it, and give her a copy. She liked it a lot! I put it as one of my top photos for others in the class to discuss and most liked that one as well.

I took this photo in Bannack Ghost Town with Ariana as my model. We used a Westcott Apollo Orb in the back of the old hotel there. Because we were in a group, I kept taking my picture at the wrong time and if you look at the original you can see what happened. However, I liked the shadows on her face and was curious about what I could do with this image in Adobe Photoshop. As I said before, there was a lot.

Once the image was in Photoshop, I cropped it and adjusted the lighting. I liked it, but I didn’t like the background. A Native American woman wouldn’t be in a house; the setting just looked wrong. So then I started looking at darkening the background. Although I did use dodging and burning on her face later, I actually put a black layer over the photo. I then decreased the opacity by 10% and revealed only the Indian girl beneath. All that was left was some dodging, burning, and sharpening.