One of my first ideas for this assignment was to take pictures of a piano. I love close up images of the keys and I felt like there are natural leading lines on a piano. I wanted a grand or upright piano that was bigger and more formal, however due to time, I tried working with the piano in my apartment lounge. Luckily, no one showed up to practice it for a while and I got some fun shots. I actually had a few others that I liked besides these 12, but this forced me to try to pick the best ones.

These were all taken February 6, 2017 in the Autumn Winds Lounge in Rexburg, Idaho. Because the piano is placed on a shadowy wall, I had some issues with lighting so I had a high ISO and I switched between the AV and TV settings on my Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS. I also made some adjustments in Adobe Photoshop including lighting, cropping, vibrance and saturation adjustments, sharpening, blending and masking.

Here are my top 3 images!




Here is a collage I made in Photoshop of the other 9. The original images can be found below.


Individual images in the collage

victoriaconiglio-piano2 victoriaconiglio-piano3 victoriaconiglio-piano5 victoriaconiglio-piano9 victoriaconiglio-piano10 victoriaconiglio-piano12 victoriaconiglio-piano13 victoriaconiglio-piano14 victoriaconiglio-piano17










victoriaconiglio-orginal17 victoriaconiglio-orginal14 victoriaconiglio-orginal13 victoriaconiglio-orginal12 victoriaconiglio-orginal11 victoriaconiglio-orginal10 victoriaconiglio-orginal9 victoriaconiglio-orginal8 victoriaconiglio-orginal6 victoriaconiglio-orginal5 victoriaconiglio-orginal3 victoriaconiglio-orginal2