Hello! My name is Victoria Coniglio! I am from the Boise, Idaho area, but I also lived in northern Virginia for 5 years. I’ve been to D.C and so many places out there and I loved it! Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera then so I can’t show any pictures I took. Something you should know about me is I love a lot of British TV shows. The new season of Sherlock is going on right now and I’m obsessed!

When it comes to experience with photography, I would say I have very little. My mom and aunt both love taking photos and so most of my life I have left it to them. I do like taking photos, but not enough to ever get something other than a point and shoot or using the camera on my phone. As far as editing goes, Comm 130 was probably my most experience with Photoshop. I did make a family history/photo book for my senior project in high school using Picasa and sometimes I’ll use filters on Instagram, but I really don’t have much experience at all. Visual Communications is my emphasis but while I’ve been a Comm major for 2 years now, it’s still all relatively new. It was very much like opening a new door to my life, but I’m very excited about it!

The photos I’ve included below are just some images that I took within the last couple years. I haven’t made any edits on these, but I liked some of the compositions. I seem to have a lot of images of landscape, but I don’t actually like going outside very often so these are mostly just random shots I took in the moment. The photos I really like are the ones from concerts I’ve been to. I love the fun lighting and the memories associated with them.

coniglio-confetti coniglio-fall-leaves coniglio-fall-trees coniglio-field coniglio-flag coniglio-jackson coniglio-night coniglio-thestrike coniglio-wort-hotel