Coniglio Camera

Familiar to Strange

Video Outline Imagine walking through a crowd Hot movement Not a lot of room to move directions You see some dressed up, some not Sometimes it can smell sweat Loud Talking, cheering, music Pressure to walk fast not be in... Continue Reading →


Don’t Be Afraid of Your Passions

Outline and Video to come soon!

Photobook Portfolio

I have learned a lot in Digital Imaging this semester. I had a lot of worries going into this class. I had never used this sort of camera before and I felt like I wasn’t a skilled photographer because I... Continue Reading →

Conceptual Challenge

My three words for my conceptual photo were noun: bricks, adjective: tattered, and verb: race. I thought the words bricks and tattered were cool, but race through me off. There’s a lot of motion in the word race and I... Continue Reading →

Fine Art Print

                                                  Taking this picture, I really liked the shadows, but was afraid that I wouldn’t be... Continue Reading →

Other Photos

I have a lot of photos from this semester, but here are a few that will be in my photobook.

Top 5 Images

These are the 5 pictures I consider to be my best this semester.

Photobook – Cover, Contents, & Professional Page

To create a photobook in Adobe InDesign, I started by making a cover page, table of contents, and professional page. On these pages, I wanted something clean and simple. As I continue to work on this, I may add a... Continue Reading →

Elements of Architecture – Themed Series, Bannack Ghost Town

When the class went up to Bannack, I thought my series was going to be very different. I planned on finding metal and appliances to take pictures of, however as I went around, I found that I kept being drawn... Continue Reading →

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