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L10 Reflection

This week we talked about tracking conversions, calculating your return on investment, and ad performance. Setting up my website for tracking conversions was fairly simple. I set up the different information I wanted, specifically the action I wanted the audience... Continue Reading →


L9 Reflection

I thought this week was a little more challenging, but we learned about some powerful tools to help us run successful businesses. We learned about Quality Scores and Google Analytics. From previous classes, I already knew a little about Google... Continue Reading →

L8 Reflection

This week in class we learned more about Google Adwords and using text ads. Text ads are what you see as advertisements when you search on Google. They are boosted higher on the results pages when you pay for them... Continue Reading →


Package Redesign

For this project, I needed to look around for a product that I thought needed a change in design. I would have a target audience and try to create a design that could increase sales. Product        ... Continue Reading →


L7 Reflection

This week we learned about starting an Adwords Campaign and Keywords. Setting up a campaign was a lot easier than I thought. It’s a step by step process, but you do have to think about what you want your ad... Continue Reading →


L6 Reflection

I think this week was a little more difficult for me because our assignments dealt with the legal associations with having a business. I feel like sometimes it’s harder to get direct answers when you’re looking at what you should... Continue Reading →


L5 Reflection

This week we looked at websites for inspiration and created a button with PayPal. I liked this week because it felt more action-oriented. I like being able to see other sites and what works and what doesn’t. I got to... Continue Reading →



Project & Requirements I was required to make an infographic with a non-white background, at least 3 vector graphics or icons, and a stylized graph or chart. I also needed to include my sources for information and my logo. Topic... Continue Reading →


L4 Weekly Reflection

This week we learned about choosing a site builder and hosting. Before this week, I did not know that they were actually separate things. I thought most hosting companies/sites came with a site builder. For me, I was already using... Continue Reading →


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